Filming in Indonesia

product logistic

Our in-house production capabilities construct the following to fulfill your expectations.

location scouting Location Scouting
One of our specialization is finding the right location for your project.  With the diversity and variety of Indonesia, we have library of locations, and arranging location scouting in order to find the exceptional and most uncommon location.

schooting permits Shooting Permits
We have an immense  experience in getting all kinds of shooting permits. from exotic beaches to historical landmarks.

Crew services Crew Services
Our exceptions of crew is based on their capabilities to work with diverse team. Their experience and working culture, also abilities are no less different from the international standard.

equipment rental Equipment Rental
Along with the digital format of filming, we have easy access to all kinds of equipment. With the most advance technology easily gained; we'll provide the necessary during shoot.
With "Unity in Diversity" as the state motto, Indonesia has multi-ethnicities that comes from the colonial times of British, Dutch and also Japan which resulted in a large pool of talents available for any projects.
Special Effects
Our experienced special effects team in Indonesia are raging from custom rigging, stunts, explosions and many more - have worked internationally.
Transportation & Lodging

Our office placed in one of the best area in Jakarta, as a result we have many hotels, airlines and transportation companies provide good value for your projects.

We have the best options for your needs of transportations, airlines and hotels as a result of our good relations with their companies to provide good value for your projects.

international logistic International Logistics
We are able to move any kinds of film equipments to go in and out of Indonesia, also manage to avoid unexposed film, power generators and film batteries going through x-rays.

Customrts clearance Customs Clearance
While your timing is very sufficient, we'll make sure that you don't need to go through the long queue of lining up at the immigration counter. We are also able to obtain work permit during your stay in Indonesia.

We also will process the multiple business visa or limited stay visa that will gives you the rights to legally and safely shoot here.


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